Terra Cotta Warrior

Chinese terra cotta cavalryman

Went to see the Terra Cotta Warriors yesterday at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. I was again reminded that much of what we consider modern art and technology is not new. Both the art and technology are impressive even by today’s standards.

Last time I went to a special exhibit at the Asian Art Museum, photography was not allowed. There was a new policy this time, photography was allowed but no flash photography. Nearly every person in the exhibit was shooting away with a camera phone. I think people taking photos with camera phones just became impossible for the museum to prevent. I didn’t see a single point and shoot or DSLR camera. I even opted to leave my DSLR home as I knew tripods would not be allowed and without one, I can get better low light photos with my iPhone. ┬áThe Asian Art Museum special exhibits are typically in a pitch black room with only spot lighting on the exhibits.

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