Blue Angels

Blue Angels making a turn over San Francisco during Fleet Week airshow.
Blue Angels flying in a crystal clear blue sky.
Blue Angels flying in a crystal clear blue sky with condensation trails over wings.

The Blue Angels were performing at the Fleet Week airshow in San Francisco this past week. As usual, they put on a great show.

1920s Flapper Dress in Crochet

I designed and crocheted this 1920s flapper dress, faux fox fur and cloche for a Crochet Guild of America fashion show in 2008. This year I put it in the fashion show again as many of the new members had not seen it. While I had the model available, I also photographed the outfit. The photograph is available from my stock portfolio at iStock.

Antique British Crochet Hooks

The Nov/Dec 2017 issue of PieceWork magazine carries an article that I wrote and did the photography for on antique British crochet hooks titled “Mid-Nineteenth-Century British Crochet Hooks, A Story of Invention”. Here is just one of the photos.

Banda Run, Indonesia on BBC

Aerial view of the small town Banda Run, Maluku, Indonesia, on the island of the same name. The Spice Island where nutmeg and mace originated.

My photo of Banda Run was used to illustrate a story “The tiny island the British traded for Manhattan” on the BBC travel page, Oct 10, 2017. Don’t know how long the link will be good for. The photo is available at iStockphoto.

baby Anna’s hummingbirds

Close up of two baby Anna's hummingbirds, Calypte anna, in nest.

Close up of two baby Anna’s hummingbirds, Calypte anna, in nest.

These baby hummingbirds are in a nest about a foot outside my neighbor’s back patio door. She was kind enough to let me take photos! The nest is about 2 inches across.