Star Wars Exhibition 2013


Darth Vader

Darth Vader in red

storm trooper

storm trooper

Tusken Raider

Tusken raider

Trade Federation Battle Droid

Trade Federation battle droid

2-1b Medical Droid

medical droid

I remember going to the first Star Wars movie with my brother in 1977. The movie theater isn’t there any more but the memories are. Since then, I’ve seen all of the Star Wars movies and been to three exhibitions. The most recent exhibition is the ¬†current Star Wars exhibition at the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA, that is currently in progress. It is a good exhibition but I have to admit I was disappointed that none of Padme Amidala’s costumes from Episode 1 were on display.

Here are my favorite photos that I took at the exhibition. I’m still not sure if I like Darth Vader in red…

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